Maljean plays Rapsat – new release : ‘Entre rêves et illusions’

Now out: Entre rêves et illusions.  15 years after Pierre RAPSAT’s death, Jean-François MALJEAN pays a beautiful tribute to his friend and mentor by playing Pierre’s greatest hits on his piano.  16 major songs have been selected featuring a comprehensive palette of Pierre’s career.

The album includes three bonus tracks:

Le plaisir des yeux is a pure jewel written by Pierre just before he died and never released before. The song features enchanting melodies and a luminous text beautifully performed by the duet formed by Jean-François and Céléna Tornabene (Celena-Sophia). Philippe Caron filmed the clip featuring a poignant story in the streets of Paris.

Jacques Stotzem, one of Pierre and Jean-François’s best friends brings a subtle guitar touch on “Goodbye Mr. Fender”.

Caroline Bloukiaux (The Voice – season I) has a particularly elegant way of interpreting the superb lyrics of “Comment cesse-t-on d’aimer”, written by Jacques Duvall.