Who are we ?

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Established 30 years ago, Team for Action is an independent company incorporating two labels: T4A & Blue Milk Records.

Not only has it been expanding over time but it has also become a strong interface between artists, small-scale producers or publishers and their audience.

Team for Action prides itself on giving artists the opportunity to boost their career and help them reach their full potential, thanks to a large scale know-how.

Team for Action is keen on developing many music projects and on spotting and supporting young talents, not only with the appropriate financial means but also through bespoke professional advice: artistic consultancy, music publishing and production, label, conventional and digital promotion, a recording studio, digital rights management…

Music synchronisation and derivative use of music are also at the heart of Team for Action’s global strategy. Team for Action regularly works with the film and television industry, as well as with commercials and live performances.

The company has a publishing catalogue of more than 3000 works, mostly in original publishing.

Team for Action’s activities are financially supported by « Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles – Arts de la Scène – Service des Musiques non classiques »

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